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Meet the Author! (or at least read about the author.)

Our friends @booktrib took the time to ask several questions about Love: A novel of grief and desire and how I write. I thought I would share a little with you. Read an excerpt below:

"What kind of life can you expect to live after the love of your life is taken from you so violently? What would you do if faced with their killer? How could you possibly move on and love again?

Jefferson R. Blackburn-Smith explores those very questions in his latest novel, Love: A Novel of Grief & Desire (Black Rose Writing). Following the unfortunate collision of two families, the story investigates the intricacies of loss and what comes after.

We got a chance to talk with the author about his decision to write such a powerful story of forgiveness, grief and, of course, love.

Q: What inspired you to write Love?

A: I’m fascinated by the idea of forgiveness and how some people are able to forgive terrible wrongs. Love began as an image in my head of a man realizing he actually liked a person who had hurt him badly. That scene never ended up in the book, but it gave me a path to explore. I also believe in the complexity of the human experience. None of us are all good or all bad; how does discovering something good about a ‘bad’ person change the way you interact with them?"

You can read the entire interview on the Book Trib website here Crafting Complex Stories of Love, Loss and the Human Condition | BookTrib.

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