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Coming December 15th!

Look for my new novel, Love, coming to you from the presses of Black Rose Writing on December 15, 2022. This work has been a labor of love (no pun intended) as it has evolved through 15 drafts over the last decade to see the light of day. Like much of my work, Love, was born while I was in the midst of other work, from a scene unfolding in my head that never made it into the final manuscript. That scene, however, was the beacon I wrote towards as I explored the narrative arc of this story and these characters.

People love (there's that word again) to ask, 'what is your book about?' A seemingly simple question, it is never easy to answer. People are looking for a plot synopsis but that is never what the book is about. That's only what happens. What happens in Love is a man, Ed Gideon (Gideon was the name of our King Doberman, one of the best dogs we ever had) ends up taking in the teenage daughter of the woman who killed his wife in a drunk driving accident. On their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. It's a lot to unpack. What Love is about is family. How we experience our family. How we form our families. How we deal with the pain, and love and conflict and joy in our families. It's about alcoholism and recovery. About coming out. About sisters, genetic and otherwise. All that can be explored because Andie Love got drunk one night and killed someone and then overdosed two years later.

That's what Love is about.

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